About me

Hi, I am Zdeno Kuzmany,
Mautic expert and developer from Slovakia.

A good idea is a good idea... forever


Do you need fix bug or create new features to Mautic? Hire me

As developer I bring a lot of nice stuff to Mautic. If you would like fix bug or add new feature to Mautic, let me know.
I will do my best for your company.

My Mautic experience

features merged

fixed bugs merged

commits on github

pull request on github

How it works?

Send me bug or feature request from github to zdeno@kuzmany.biz. I'll let you know price for job and approximate date to resolve it.

Suggestions feature request

Segment - Add campaign membership filterCustom error pagesAdd campaign point conditionCampaign decision: lead stage Report - add a tracked webpage report Add radius option to BuilderFocus improvements

My Mautic contributions

Campaign action: Call remote urlDevice decision and conditionVideo support improvementsContact owner conditionSegments and tags conditonGoogle Analytics UTM tags for emailsDevice segment filtersClick decisionsDo not track Bots supportNew segment filtersFocus additions - CSS tab, HTML mode, API supportAdded merge contacts to contact edit API actionAdd notifications for tracking pagesNew expressions in Campaign lead field conditionEmail reports enhancementForms and Focus in Dynamic ContentHTML area for forms + choosen for form fieldsNotification Action ButtonFocus Items: Add timeout before engageNew form action: Remove Contact from Do Not ContactAdd referer to Visit a page campaign decisionElastic Email integrationand dozen bug fixes



If you don't want wait for Mautic core team and their priority, I would like bring bugfixes or new features to Mautic.

How much?

My hourly rate is 40€ at least.

How Can I Pay?

By Paypal (zdeno@kuzmany.biz) with 50% deposit at least before start working on task.

Another Question?

Send me at e-mail: zdeno@kuzmany.biz

Do you like my work?